What is GRC ?

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Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a stone made from multiple elements, including fiberglass. That means it’s lighter than concrete, tougher than nails, and more flexible than a lubed-up contortionist.

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What is GRC ?

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is a type of fiber-reinforced concrete. The product is also known as glass fiber reinforced concrete or GRC in British English. Glass fiber concretes are mainly used in exterior building facade panels and as architectural precast concrete.

What is GRC ?

The Typical

Formulation of GRC


Cement50 kg50 kg:
Fine aggregate50 kg50 kg
Glass fiber4.5-52-3.5
Plasticizer0.5 kg0.5 kg
Polymer 5 kg5 kg5 kg
Water13.5 liter14.5 liter

The typical strength properties of

GRC at 28 days after manufacture

Ultimate strength (MOR) MPa20-3010-14
Elastic limit (LO R) MPa7-115-8
Interlaminar strength MPa3-5NA
In-planar strength MPa8-114-7
Compressive strength MPa50-8040-60
Impact strength Kj/m210-2510-15
Elastic modulus GPa10-2010-10
Strain to failure 0.6-1.20.1-0.2
Dry density t/m31.9-2.11.8-2.0

How GRC Made

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